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LearnQuran Series (LQS)

LearnQuran Series


The LearnQuran Series (LQS) is an online interactive educational platform offering a curriculum designed to cater to all levels of children, whether they are beginners or have prior knowledge. Our esteemed Asatizahs will guide you through our 8-season curriculum, each encompassing 10 immersive episodes. Our programme will equip participants with the aptitude to read the Quran fluently and gain a profound understanding of tajweed.

Our Curriculum

The foundation of our curriculum rests upon an intricate comprehension of Quranic principles, consisting of recitation and tajweed— a comprehensive set of rules for enunciation, tonality, and diction when reciting Quranic verses. Our lessons are carefully structured to progress from fundamental to advanced levels, ensuring students develop a strong foundation in reading proficiency.

Our curriculum also includes engaging activities, interactive games, and insightful quizzes that not only make learning enjoyable but also reinforce what’s being taught. These interactive elements serve a dual purpose: they assess students’ understanding and spark their curiosity to explore further. Integrating modern technology and teaching tools further enriches the interactive learning experience.

Our Asatizahs

Our educators receive comprehensive training in both pedagogy and online teaching methods. This training equips them with the best strategies for effectively engaging and educating young learners in an online environment.

By focusing on these aspects and maintaining a rigorous selection process, continuous training, and a supportive environment for our educators, LQS ensures a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers. They are committed to offering the best possible Quranic education for children. The outcome is a programme that not only imparts knowledge but also instils genuine love for the Quran and Islam in the hearts of young learners.

We are open for registration. Try out our free quiz via the site ( today!

Past Events

Ramadan with LearnQuran Series

Online Lunchtime Tadarrus

    We invite individuals aged 16 and above to join us in reciting the Quran and completing 30 Juz. We will recite together during lunch hours, on Mondays to Thursdays. We offer guidance and support for those who may be concerned about their proficiency, so there’s no need to worry.

    Reap the Rewards of Ramadhan and embark with us on a fulfilling journey this holy month. Share these with your beloved family and friends and register today!

    To enquire, email to [email protected].

    Stories From the Quran

    Research has shown that memorization is most effective not only through repetitive reading but also through storytelling, as it fosters a deeper understanding of the concepts being memorized. To make learning and memorizing the Quran fun for your kids, we will start with Short Surahs and present them with guidance.

    If you’re a busy parent preparing for iftar, you can let your children join us on this special Quranic journey throughout Ramadan. We invite them to participate and benefit from this experience.

    Reap the Rewards of Ramadhan and embark with us on a fulfilling journey this holy month. Share these with your beloved family and friends and register today!

    To enquire, email to [email protected].